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Entry Plan

Entry Plan for Digital Fabrication Lab Director at STEAM Valley High School


To assimilate effectively into the Digital Fabrication Lab Director role at STEAM Valley High School (SVHS), aligning with the school's vision of project-based learning, collaboration, and innovation while engaging with the community to enhance the educational experience.

Initial 30 Days: Orientation and Understanding
People to Meet:

E. A. Sheldon, Chief Academic Officer/Principal

Joseph Park, School Outreach Coordinator

Gordon Wilbur, Counselor

Faculty members, especially those involved in STEAM subjects and technology

Processes to Observe and Learn:

Familiarize with the school's project-based learning methodology

Understand the current operation of the digital fabrication lab

Observe classroom dynamics and student engagement in technology and STEM courses

Documents to Review:

School's curriculum for technology and STEM subjects

Previous successful project models and their impact

OVHS's guidelines on collaboration and innovation in coursework

Protocols to Understand:

Safety and usage protocols for the digital fabrication lab

School's policy on inclusivity and non-discrimination

60 Days: Integration and Strategy Development
People to Engage:

Collaborate with faculty for interdisciplinary project planning

Meet with students to understand their expectations and interests

Connect with SUNY Oswego Institute representatives for potential collaborations

Processes to Initiate:

Start developing new project ideas for the digital fabrication lab

Implement regular feedback sessions with students and faculty

Documents to Create/Update:

Draft a plan for new technology integrations in the lab

Develop a proposal for potential external partnerships and projects

Protocols to Establish:

Set up a system for regular maintenance and updates of lab equipment

Establish a mentorship program within the lab for student skill development

90 Days: Implementation and Community Engagement
People to Collaborate With:

Plan joint initiatives with local businesses and tech industry leaders

Engage with parents and community members for support and involvement

Processes to Enhance:

Introduce new technologies and projects in the lab

Start a series of professional development workshops for faculty

Documents to Finalize:

Complete a long-term development plan for the digital fabrication lab

Prepare reports on lab progress and future goals for school leadership

Protocols to Refine:

Review and enhance safety protocols with the latest industry standards

Develop a system for tracking and showcasing student projects and achievements

Beyond 90 Days: Sustained Growth and Innovation
People to Continue Engaging:

Maintain ongoing collaboration with faculty, students, and the community

Seek opportunities for students to present their projects to external audiences

Processes to Optimize:

Continuously evaluate and improve the lab's functioning and student engagement

Implement a system for ongoing assessment of technology needs and updates

Documents to Evolve:

Regularly update project documentation and success stories

Keep up-to-date records of lab equipment and technology advancements

Protocols to Institutionalize:

Ensure a culture of continuous learning and innovation in the lab

Embed the digital fabrication lab's activities into the broader curriculum of SVHS


This Entry Plan aims to align with SVHS's mission of innovative, student-centered education and support the growth and economy of the region through a strong focus on current and emerging technologies. My goal is to create a thriving environment in the digital fabrication lab that adheres to the highest standards of education and safety and fosters creativity, collaboration, and real-world problem-solving among our students.

Entry Plan
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