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Cover Letter

Jeff Rodman

Warwick, New York, 10918


Dr. E. A. Sheldon Principal

STEAM Valley High School

72 Sheldon Ave

Oswego, New York, 10918

Dear Dr. Sheldon,

During my 2015 visit to STEAM Valley High School, I was profoundly inspired by the school's innovative approach to technology education, particularly the hands-on student engagement in the fabrication lab. Witnessing the practical application of technology in student projects, especially in CNC machining, resonated deeply with my educational ethos and further ignited my passion for technological teaching.

With comprehensive experience in technology education across grades 6-12, I have successfully developed curricula encompassing middle and high school levels, designing 18 high school courses with specialized tracks in Engineering Graphics, Digital Fabrication, and Mechatronics. These courses cover diverse areas such as Mechatronics, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Energy & Power, Product Design & Engineering, and Robotics. I have also facilitated opportunities for students to earn college credits through SUNY Oswego's Engineering Graphics and Technical Illustration course. Moreover, in collaboration with our workplace coordinator, I spearheaded the ACE mentorship program, garnering significant interest from students.

My role extended beyond curriculum development to designing and establishing our new makerspace, integrating advanced technologies like 3D printers, vinyl cutters, CNC routers, and laser cutting machines. Additionally, we incorporated educational tools, including Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Lego, and VEX Robotics, drones, and digital media equipment such as large format printers, VR headsets, green screens, and podcasting tools.

While Java is not my primary programming language, I have effectively utilized Python in our VEX Robotics program and am proficient in VCARVE, AutoCAD, and Inventor, skills that complement Fusion 360 operations. Committed to continuous professional development, I am confident that I can swiftly acquire any additional skills needed.

The effectiveness of my teaching methodology is evident in my students' accomplishments, with many advancing to prestigious institutions like Northwestern, Albany, RPI, Fordham, and various SUNY colleges and trade unions. For a detailed insight into my classroom dynamics, student projects, and teaching outcomes, please visit my portfolio at

Joining STEAM Valley High School as a Digital Fabrication Lab Director, contributing to its ongoing success, and nurturing future STEM leaders is an exciting prospect. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with a team that echoes my educational values and contributes to shaping students' academic journeys.

My passion for innovative education, extensive experience in technology instruction, and dedication to creating a student-centered, collaborative environment align seamlessly with STEAM Valley High School's ethos.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how my background and enthusiasm can complement STEAM Valley High School's vision and contribute to an even more stimulating learning experience for our students.


Jeff Rodman

Cover Letter
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